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About us

the  Greek word a.los in astronomy  means the bright environment of the moon and the sun

The a.los marimba duo was founded in 2021. Although Greek and Taiwanese cultures are very different, we found a common musical ground that we enrich with ideas from these parts of the world. It gives us great pleasure to create something new from various cultural resources and to be able to present it to an audience. Our repertoire includes a mixture of different epochs, from Bach to Piazzola, via Bartok to Nikolaus Wirtz. On the one hand, the focus of our art is the fascinating interaction that arises when transferring pieces from other instruments to the marimba. With that new motives can be discovered for example in the case of Bartok's or Piazolla's music. On the other hand, we equally emphasize the interaction between epochs. The history of music seems to be a continuous line, but every epoch is characterized by peculiarities that we allow to communicate with each other.

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